Dancer 2022 Artwork Maison Margiela × Gentle Monster Pop-up ExhibitionThis avant-garde set of humanoid dancing robots is featured in pop-up exhibitions worldwide, part of a collaboration between Gentle Monster and…

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Playful Plasticity

Playful Plasticity 2023 Academic Project Exploring serendipitous design inspiration via ludic Interaction in 3d modelsA system where users can interact with a 3D model on screen in real time using…

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Bluetooth Speaker 5

A portable bluetooth speaker with random 3D geometric wooden face, concrete case, and brass analog knob.

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MomentCube 2022 Academic Project An Analog Smart Home Controller for Digital SpaceWith MomentCube, We attempted to invent a solution to replace existing control devices for smart home systems, which are…

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Loop 2017 - 2030 Artwork by everyware, Sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company Exhibition in HMS Goyang (2017.1- )    With bigger structure and bigger rails, Loop could be thought of as…

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Ensemble 2015 - 2016 Artwork by everyware, Sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company Exhibition in Seoul (2015.11), Moscow (2016.4), Taipei (2016.12)    A car is a complicated machine. Hidden under the sleek…

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Coaxial 3P Joint

Coaxial 3P Joint 2021 Research project    Coaxial 3P Joint is a research project while working as a Mechanical Engineer/Designer in the Robotics Team at Gentle Monster Lab.  The team was quite versed in designing…

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Tension Coatrack

Tension Coatrack 2021 Personal project One-day project    As a part of my home renovation project in the spring of 2021, I decided to make a minimalistic coatrack to replace a…

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Brickit 2020 ~    Brickit is 60 x 60 x 60mm plastic building blocks which can be assembled like Lego pieces. Being sturdy enough to be used as structural material and…

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Chevron Barstool

Chevron Barstool 2020 Personal project Fun woodwork project   Inspired by a youtube video by DIY Montreal, I decided to make one with the same concept, adding a little tweak in…

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