Tension Coatrack

Personal project
One-day project


 As a part of my home renovation project in the spring of 2021, I decided to make a minimalistic coatrack to replace a huge and ugly wardrobe. As this was only for my personal use and not for a commercial project, I tried to make it as simple and easy to build as possible, but without compromising any of its functionality. So I set the following three specific goals.

1. to consume as little material as possible.
2. to take little time to build.
3. easy to collapse and transport.

 The bottom part was the pivotal point of the design. Since it undergoes only tensile stress when the structure is under load, it is made with a piece of a rope, instead of a wooden interlocking structure. This saved significant amount of time and labor and also made a nice contrast between two different materials. It may seem weak at first sight but no, it is thoroughly tested with my bodyweight pull-ups.

 As it turned out, it took only one piece of white oak lumber and only a few hours to build. On top of that, it could be collapsed into flat shape for transportation, with a single unscrew.


Design, fabrication and everything else.


Tools & Skills

  • 3D design : Fusion 360
  • Woodworking