Playful Plasticity

Academic Project

Exploring serendipitous design inspiration via ludic Interaction in 3d models

A system where users can interact with a 3D model on screen in real time using bodily actions such as hand gestures and touchscreen.


  • Ideation
  • Execution


Tools & Skills

  • Rhino & Grasshopper
  • LEAP Motion Sensor



We have design breakthroughs when we are not actively working on a problem but when we are taking a break from the problem itself and engaging in different activities. This project explores the concept of “Serendipitous Inspiration” via ludic interaction in the field of 3D design, by taking the model in question out of context and posing it as an object users can freely play with.


The changes the users make on the model accumulate over time. It will keep doing so even when the system is left alone without user input. Hence, multiple users can easily jump in and out of the interaction whenever they want. This potentially promotes “asynchronous” collaboration among people. In addition, users can swipe through time and see how the model developed into the unique final shape over time.

Backtracking previous user input

Time machine – swiping through time to see how the model changed over time


Ludic interaction – which essentially means fun and playful interaction – needs to be captivating, and physical interaction is a big part of it. Utilizing bodily movements such as hand gestures and touchscreens makes it more fun and engaging than conventional input methods like a keyboard and mouse.

Interacting with the model with both hands

Swiping through different color schemes