Bluetooth Speaker 5

A portable bluetooth speaker with random 3D geometric wooden face, concrete case, and brass analog knob.

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Tension Coatrack

Tension Coatrack 2021 Personal project One-day project    As a part of my home renovation project in the spring of 2021, I decided to make a minimalistic coatrack to replace a…

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Chevron Barstool

Chevron Barstool 2020 Personal project Fun woodwork project   Inspired by a youtube video by DIY Montreal, I decided to make one with the same concept, adding a little tweak in…

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Bluetooth Speaker 1

Bluetooth Speaker 1 2017 Personal project   The very first work of my personal DIY Bluetooth speaker series. The requirements were:Analog on/off switch.Five physical buttons for control.Using battery power for portability.The…

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Woodwork Projects

Woodwork projects 2018 ~   Every project here is designed and fabricated on my own. ContributionDesign, fabrication and everything else.Miter Saw Station with french tool cleat & workbench (2018.8) Partition Bookcase…

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