Academic Project

An Analog Smart Home Controller for Digital Space

With MomentCube, We attempted to invent a solution to replace existing control devices for smart home systems, which are often overly complicated and aesthetically unpleasing. The initial concept for the MomentCube was rooted in the following three primary objectives:

1) The invention of a piece of technology that did not immediately reveal itself through traditional digital signifiers.
2) The design of a thoughtful analog mechanism that could control digital functionality.
3) The creation of a product that would forefront and celebrate tactility and touch.

The tray detects which side the cube is lying on using hall sensors and magnets. Users can change the room’s mood to their preset ‘Moment’ by turning the cube to the respective side, and adjust the intensity of the mood by rotating the knob.

I developed an interesting algorithm to detect the cube side and provide further information for potential future iterations, but more on that later.


  • Developed Cube side detection algorithm
  • Wrote Moment, MomentCube library
  • Wrote software for the project
  • Advised on the physical fabrication


Tools & Skills

  • Arduino
  • C++
  • Fusion 360


Final showcase, micro-apartment setting

Final Product

Making Process