Unity of Motion

W0W studio & everyware collaboration project
Sponsored by Hyundai Motor Company
Exhibition in HMS Seoul (2016)


Unity of Motion is a huge organism consisting of HEART, MACHINE, and NATURE.
Sensor sculpture “HEART” captures and transmits user’s heartbeat to two enormous multi-vision screens “NATURE” and “MACHINE”, making real-time rendered moving images which synchronize with the heartbeat.


Unity of Motion은 HEART, MACHINE, NATURE 로 구성된 거대한 유기체이다.
실제 자동차의 엔진 피스톤을 가공하여 제작된 조형물 HEART 의 센서에서 사용자의 심장박동 데이터를 MACHINE과 NATURE의 모니터로 전달하여, 사용자의 심장박동에 유기적으로 반응하는 거대한 실시간 영상을 만들어낸다.


Design & fabrication of sensor sculpture HEART

  • Participated in design & fabrication of heartbeat sensor HEART by transforming car engine piston into interactive sculpture (50%)
  • Designed and fabricated pulse sensor embedded PCB board using infrared pulse oximetry (80%)
  • Developed HEART software which senses user’s heartbeat and sends pulse signal out to receiver through RF24 wireless communication module, using Arduino and Processing (60%)


Tools & Skills

  • 3D design : Autodesk Fusion 360
  • PCB design : PCB Eagle (Autodesk Eagle)
  • Software : Processing, Arduino
  • double sided 3 axis CNC milling
    CNC milling Sensor head : simulation using Fusion 360
    Schematic of HEART (Reference : https://pulsesensor.com/pages/open-hardware)
    PCB board artwork using PCB Eagle