Funtory House

2018 ~


놀이와 배움의 경계가 사라진 미래 배움터, 펀토리하우스. 
매장 내 인테리어 구조물 및 가구를 설계했다.
미디어 키오스크 및 20종류 이상의 어린이용 인터랙티브 콘텐츠 입력장치를 설계했다.

Funtory house, a place where the border of play and learning have disappeared.
Engineered the interior design and furniture.
Design & fabricated media kiosks and 20+ input devices for interactive contents for kids.

To be elaborated soon.


  • Design & fabrication of input devices for interactive contents for kids.
  • Design & manufacture of media kiosk for interactive contents.
  • Development of interior design solution using plastic building blocks(Brickit).
  • Design & engineering of furniture with Brickit.


Tools & Skills

  • Fusion 360
  • MagicaVoxel
  • Lego Digital Designer
  • BrickLink Studio
  • Interaction Devices for Kids’ Contents


    Media Kiosks


    Interior Structures and Furniture with Brickit, plastic building blocks